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GRP-Zhuoou Group

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Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) also called GRP is a thermoset plastic composite constructed from many combinations of polymer resins, organic or inert fillers, fiberglass reinforcements. Metal/wood frames or embeds engineered to achieve a desired performance from the product being produced are used to secure the FRP/GRP to suitable structural substrates. The greatest advantage of a fiberglass composite is the design flexibility it offers to architects, designers and fabricators, and the long-term durability of the material with paintable surfaces or integral colors.













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Lub Cev Lub Cev
Tus Nqi KhoomTest Method/Result
CompressionASTM-D-695 27,000 psi
Sheer Strength2,336ps wb
Tus Nqi KhoomTest Method/Result
CTE nruab nrabASTM-D-696 23.2 x 10-6 in./in./°F
ceevASTM-D-792 110 lbs/cu.ft.
Flammability – Class I MaterialsASTM-E-84 25 or less Flame/50 or less Smoke
Combustible - Class 1 cov ntaub ntawvASTM-E-84 25 or less Flame/50 or less Smoke
Flexural zogASTM-D-790 22,000 psi
Flexural Modules x 106ASTM-D-790 1.38 ksi
Tensile ZogASTM-D-638 11,500 psi
Tensile Stength Modulus x 106ASTM-D-638 2.0 ksi
Unit Weight (lbs./sq.ft. at 3/16”)1.5-2 lbs.
Glass Content14.9%
ATH Content43%
Resin Content


daim ntawv sau npe

• Can be supplied as a Class-A fire rated product thereby making it an excellent choice for most facets of a building's exterior or interior architectural façade systems.

Kev Tshaj Loj (Competitive Advantage)

• Yuav ua tau nyob rau hauv zoo li txhua yam, qhov chaw yuav precision engineered. Curved, ribbed, corrugated lossis perforated Cheebtsam tsuas yog qee qhov ua tau.

• Tej zaum yuav muab nkag rau hauv ib qho kev ua tiav ntau yam - du lossis textured thiab nyob rau hauv ntau yam xim lossis primer npaj cov xim qib.

• Nws yog cov muaj zog tshaj plaws ntawm txhua tus tsev ntawv with strength characteristics consistent with concrete, steel or aluminum. (Kg for Kg fiberglass is stronger than steel)

• Provides a long service life as this durable material will stand-up to decades of harsh weather. Although readily painted, color can be integral to the gel coat face thus providing a low maintenance, UV-resistant long-lasting product. FRP/GRP is also corrosion resistant and can therefore be used in harsh or extreme environments.

• Is lightweight therefore requiring less labor and lighter supporting structures or substrates, thus reducing the cost of construction and installation thereby speeding up construction

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